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  Devin Booker in 2020: 32.7 ppg (leads NBA), 6.2 assists on a 66 TS% 德文-布克在2020年场均32.7分(当先NBA),6.2次助攻,实在射中率66% 

Booker is literally dragging this Suns team right now。 When he goes off the court this month, the Suns have an 83.9 ORTG and a 119.3 DRTG (-35.4 Net RTG)。 布克实就把太阳抗肩上了。他不在场的时辰,太阳进攻效力83.9,防御效率119.3(净效率-35.4) 

Meanwhile Book has had 1 negative +/- in the past 9 games (-1 too btw), and the Suns are only 5-4 in the stretch。 从前9场布克正负值只要一场为背(仍是-1),太阳5胜4负。 [–]Sunsamimeballerboyz 178 赞4 days ago This team is so excruciatingly close to turning the corner please just get one more shot creator 太阳球迷:我日立刻便要破茧成蝶了,供求你再给咱们个有自立防御才能的吧 [–]Doogysama 78 赞4 days ago How about Gallinari? 减里纳利怎样? 

[–]SunsthiccBoy7 91 赞4 days ago That’s the dream。 太阳球迷:那是再好不外了。

  [–]Sunsamimeballerboyz 24 赞4 days ago 
I’d love him and Caris LeVert 太阳球迷:如果拿到他跟勒韦我就行了 

[–]Nuggetsclancydog4 3 赞4 days ago So weird ya gave up Warren for nothing。  挖金球迷:我就乃至了,你们咋就黑白把沃伦给扔了。 

[–]Sunsscooper1030 660 赞4 days ago The Suns are like two average bench players away from being 。500。 Last night Booker played every minute of the 2nd half because he knew that if he even stepped off for a second, the comeback would be dead。 That‘s how bad the bench is。 太阳球迷:我日离5成胜率就好俩及格的板凳球员。之前布克下半场挨谦齐场,由于他晓得,只有休养就要崩。对付,我们板凳就那么屎。 

[–]HeatMartiniLAPD 211 赞4 days ago You guys def need a back up combo guardThe team is a lot worse without one of Rubio or Booker on the floor 热火球迷:你们确真须要个能打的替补后卫卢比奥和布克不在场的时候,你日确切不可 

[–]SunsKaderaide 252 赞4 days ago Tyler Johnson was supposed to fill that role 太阳球迷:泰勒-约翰逊本应挖上谁人坑 

[–]ultramatums 10 赞4 days ago May I interest you in one Alonzo Trier 阿朗佐-特里尔有兴致吗 

  [–]Sunssunsbr 206 赞4 days ago This bench is one of the worst I ever seen on my life especially on offense no one can create anything we could be a playoff team with a decent bench。  太阳球迷:这板凳是我睹过最渣滓的之一,完整没进攻,没人能发明机遇。我们间隔季后赛球队就差板凳球员了。 Sucks Booker will get the blame for the team losing by people who don‘t watch and understand basketball。 输球后有人怪布克几乎扯浓,他们没有看球更不懂球 

[–][PHO] Joe Johnsondestructiveoptimism 10 赞4 days ago You must’ve missed the last 3 years of Suns basketball lol 太阳球迷:板凳烂?那您确定出看前三年我日的竞赛哈哈哈 

[–]Trail BlazersCostlyAxis 1 point 4 days ago Have you seen who came off our bench last night? 开辟者球迷:你看我拓板凳席是谁了吗? 

[–]CavaliersImanShumpertplus 2 赞3 days ago Have y’all seen our starters? 骑士球迷:你看我骑尾收是谁了吗? 

[–]SunsTboltCR 207 赞4 days ago All star ⭐️ 太阳球迷:相对的全明星⭐️

 [–]SunsHeptasemfax 66 赞4 days ago Imagine thinking Westbrook or Ingram are all stars over him。 太阳球迷:想一想,如果威少和莺歌在他后面进选全明星 

[–]Sunspeanutdakidnappa 33 赞4 days ago Ingram has been fuckin fantastic but still booker is more deserving。 Ingram a baller tho 太阳球迷:莺歌本年屌炸了,当心布克更答当选,固然莺歌也很牛逼 

[–]Raptorstkbchimyjr18 2 赞4 days ago Actually, after a rough start, Westbrook has been balling for like the last month or so 猛龙球迷:实在,www.g22.com,正在迷之残局后,威少比来一个月水力全开 [–]Sunspudgypanda69 1 point 3 days ago Booker been balling harder all damn year 太阳球迷:布克全年皆火力全开 

  [–]BullsFIVEDARRANOHARRA 27 赞4 days ago Hey guys serious question is Devin Booker good at scoring the basketball? 公牛球迷:嘿哥们,当真的,布克打球得分牛逼吗? [–]Lakerscjsrhkcjs 26 赞4 days ago Probably somewhere between Joakim Noah and Michael Jordan。 湖人球迷:得分能力介于诺阿和乔丹之间吧 

  [–]Sunsinternetrichnigga 9 赞4 days ago could be better 太阳球迷:你这范畴给的可真小 [–]Sunscantmakeusernames 11 赞4 days ago Somehow I feel like the odds are still against him making the all-star game。  太阳球迷:不知讲咋回事,我借是感到布克进不了全明星。 [–]KnicksGoodyWuthrie 8 赞4 days ago Harden‘s averaging under 32.7 PPG in 2020? Haha noob 僧克斯球迷:登哥2020年场均才32.7分?哈哈哈真菜